What Is Coaching and How Can it Help You?

You have a new product idea, but don’t know what to do first. This is a huge question that HAS MANY ANSWERS, but if you haven’t brought a product to market before, having a coach or mentor to guide you through the shark-filled waters is a MUST!  If you have asked yourself “What do I do now? You need a product coach.

If you have found yourself or find yourself frustrated about what to do next or you have found a bunch of confusing information on the internet and are confused as to which direction to go. You need a coach.

I Can Help You Succeed

Inventing and Innovation, product development can lead to huge opportunities and truly great success. But nothing is easy, if it was, everyone would be doing it! So, For the first time inventor, you want to avoid the pitfalls that can and will take you down, along with your bank account, and life savings if you don’t know what to do. Don’t fall down those traps. Let me help you!

How My Product Coaching Can Help You

  • I can and will answer your specific questions regarding your product idea.
  • I’ll Help you understand licensing, selling, development, and marketing.
  • I’ll give you a roadmap and steps to take with your product idea.
  • I will Give you a fresh perspective and opinion of your product idea.
  • I can guide you on which of your several ideas are best.
  • I can aid you in making the right decision to sell or license to a company or bring to market yourself.
  • I have the strategy you need and help you with your a plan for your product
  • I’ll make sure you avoid making costly mistakes.
  • Guide you through the many pitfalls.
  • Actually spend time with you and give you personal one-on-one Coaching and mentorship assistance.

Do You Know What You Need Specifically?

  • Looking to Sell your idea to a company.
  • License for royalties and advances.
  • Get started with a new idea.
  • How to protect your idea.
  • Know if your idea is worth pursuing.
  • If you’re looking to Get feedback on your idea.
  • Need a prototype made.
  • How to break through top retailers.
  • How to Market your product.
  • How to Price your product. Get estimated costs.
  • Determine a direction and next steps for your current situation.

All Information is Safe With Me and Confidential and Private

  • I provide an Umbrella CDA/NDA (CONFIDENTIAL DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT/NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT)- and that covers any and all ideas for 1000 years protecting you. All discussions and everything in those discussions are confidential between me and you. My reputation and company is built upon trust and my trustworthiness to the innovation industry.
  • We will both sign my Umbrella CDA/NDA before we begin a Coaching Session prior to our phone sessions begin.

Schedule a call with me and let’s see how I can help you get your products to market and a licensing deal!

Let Product Coach USA help you make your idea happen!