Most Important Ways to Protect Your Ideas

If you have one or more invention ideas you want to protect please take my advice here. Before you go  spending money on a patent, one of the first things to do that is essential is you want to make sure your product idea is a marketable and commercially viable idea and worth the effort and profit. I can show you how to do this time after time as it truly cannot and will not be cost-effective to try to patent every product idea you have.

With me as your coach and mentor, You’ll learn how to protect your idea, as well as how to file for a patent, provisional patent application, trademarks, and copyrights, and more. I will guide you through the rough and choppy waters and take you through the important step-by-step procedures.

With me as your coach you will learn all you need to be a successful product developer. You will learn:

  • Protection – How to protect your idea before spending money on a patent.
  • Patentability – What’s patentable and what’s not.
  • Timing – When to file before you lose all your rights.
  • Costs – Current patent costs and maintenance fees schedule.
  • Filing – What you’ll need to file for a Utility patent and Design patent.
  • Provisional – How and when to use Provisional Patent Applications (PPA).
  • Attorneys – Where to find good patent attorneys.
  • Trademarks – When you should register a trademarks, how they add value, how to file, and how long they last.
  • Copyrights – The types of products a copyright protects, how to file, and how long the protection lasts.

Your Important Next Steps

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