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Join the inventors who truly want the edge and the key to make the difference. My coaching program has been voted 2nd in the nation in learning and helping inventors license their ideas to companies. Step out from the pack! Put yourself ahead and hire me as your coach. Let me be a part of your journey and get you on the fast track to living the life of your dreams!

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    Once you sign up for your program I will send over my Confidentiality Agreement and you can return it to me prior to our first coaching session.
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    Select the coaching or consulting program below that best fits your needs.  All monthly programs are billed on the 5th of each month thereafter until balance paid in full.  Checkout is safe and secure through PayPal.  You will need a Paypal account for recurring monthly subscriptions.
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Do you need answers to your questions about your product? Confused or need a strategy session?

If you are looking for real-world guidance on your next step or steps with your product idea then this is the place for you.

Schedule a Professional product License Consult and let me see how I can help you and get you going on the right path!

Order Your session below and then schedule your session here.

Consulting Scheduler

30 Minute Intermediate Quick Consult $79.00 

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One Hour Professional Hands-On In-Depth Consultation $129.00

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Two Hour-Professional Hands-On In-Depth Consultation  (Can be broken up over the course of a week or together) $249.00

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Three Hour-Professional Hands-On In-Depth Consultation  (Can be broken up over the course of a week or together) $375.00

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  • 12  One on One Personal Live Video Conferencing Coaching Sessions

  • Option-12- 60 Minute Coaching sessions or 24 30-Minute  On on One Product Licensing Coaching Sessions

  • Get it All! No Fluff. No Gimmicks. In-Depth One on One Coaching Training

  • Full Access to Coaching Classroom through ZOOM

  • Full Access to Graphic Designers, Voice Over artists, Product Video Designers

  • Recorded Coaching sessions on Audio and Video to further your learning experience. All delivered as MP3 and MP4 formats

  • 12 Step Module Study Guide (ebook)

  • LIFETIME Licensing Contract negotiation assistance

  • LIFETIME marketing materials assessments

  • LIFETIME Product idea evaluation/assessment

$1200.00 (Student Pays $120.00 Down & 3 monthly payments of $360.00) 

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(Pay in full and get 10% off -$1080.00 

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What My Students are Saying

  • I had been trying to license my Dental product for quite a while with no luck when I found Jeff Mangus.  Licensing a product isn’t easy without the right tools. Jeff has the tools and the knowledge. He is also a very nice guy and is always available when I have questions.  I would recommend Jeff to anyone who has a product to license but just needs someone to help them put it all together!

    Kim Richards

  • 5/13/2017

    My testimonial about Product Coach USA and Jeffrey A. Mangus

    Getting plain ideas to market is confusing and daunting journey. Thus, Having the right help and guidelines is a good step to make long the way.  I was that person who needs help while developing some products and I had so many questions and concerns about marketing research, sell sheets and a lot more. Until I was lucky enough having Jeffery as a coach. Inventing puzzles got solved. And soon enough I become more confident of what I am doing. I really amazed by his deep knowledge and experience about products licensing world that I need to discover. Also, he is very caring when I get in bad days or not happy news. I will not forget that he called me on weekend day on his family vacation to comfort me when I went through rough time! Thank you very much for being my coach.

    Mysoon Gaddor


    An awesome coaching experience!
  • I was very impressed with his experience and prior reputable and impressive affiliations… and… he is an inventor, patent holder, successful mentor to others for years. Mr. Mangus’s prices for his services are affordable.

    Jeffrey Mangus at Product Coach USA is a very talented individual (and a musician!) and an experienced, organized professional. He shares the ins and outs of getting ideas to market, because he has been there! I love his openness from me being able to ask all questions I ever had, every week, and he is very conscientious to being sure he is answering those questions so I can fully grasp the answers.
    Besides my very own personal phone session with Mr. Mangus every week or so (and appointments are flexible: you just go on his website link and book a time which fits your schedule) he provides very cool webinars which touch on crucially important topics on which we need to educate ourselves so we can evaluate our idea to be saleable and then, to prepare for our product pitches to a potential licensee or buyer.
    Product Coach USA’s entire Product Development process is interesting and very enlightening. You will be receiving excellent guidance to put together every step and aspect of your pitch and visual presentation which you will need in order to seal your deal. Mr. Mangus has the right connections so your proto, or visual proto and your presentation are one that captures the attention you need to obtain that second appointment and soon, your very own deal.
    And you will be able to repeat your success again and again as you progress to our next project, patent, product design idea. Mr. Mangus will always be there to help you along to your goals.
    I am so grateful to my first very engaging contact with “Tom” at a virtual proto company who recommended Jeffrey Mangus at Product Coach USA who could offer me a total coaching program. Yes, that was from a professional who knows Product Coach USA and Mr. Mangus.
    I am confident I can bring my newly learned skills and success to the next and continuing idea / product going forward after I complete Jeffrey’s Product Coach USA program.. And, guess what? Jeffrey Mangus’s one-on-one sessions and the webinars, are the best, most personal, balanced, experienced advice and guidance I think a designer, patent owner, product developer can get.
    If you have an idea you want to bring to market, look up Product Coach USA and let Jeffrey Mangus help you get your presentation together so you can be a winner, too.  Thank-you to Jeffrey Mangus at Product Coach USA. I recommend you check him out so you are prepared to sell or license your ideas.


    Denise Kojak, Patent Owner/Product Developer, Springfield Gardens, NY
  • I began using Jeff as My product licensing coach and He always has the right answer and goes the extra step in helping me! I can’t thank you enough Jeff for what you’ve done for me!

    Heidi Jefferson, Pennsylvania
  • I have been trying to license my products for over two years and I have had other coaches but nothing seemed to be working. Within one hour with Jeff, I saw the bigger picture and figured out what I was doing wrong.  It has been an awesome experience and I highly recommend him as your coach!

    Jay Humphrys, Pennsylvania
  • “Teaming with Jeff as my Product Coach has been a very beneficial experience for my product development business.  Jeff’s knowledge and capabilities for product development, along with his first hand experience with product licensing, is helping to take my creative efforts and confidence to the next level.  Having accountability for my actions and new goals each week has been key to continue my forward progress and Jeff’s positive attitude is a genuine pleasure to team with.  I would highly recommend reaching out and scheduling a consultation with Jeff to find out how he will help guide you in your product development and licensing efforts!”

    Mike Fisher, Avid Innovations LLC
  • I began using Jeff as my coach and mentor and instantly. Once we got started, I know that it was great for for me and my business. We covered so much that I realized I need to learn more! I plan on signing back up to take advantage of this great opportunity! Thanks Jeff for helping me!

    John Jacobs, Chicago, IL
  • I began studying with Jeff a few months ago and it has been a life altering experience. I highly recommend hiring him as your coach. You wont be disappointed!

    Mark Davies, Fort Wayne, IN
  • This could be your testimonial once you work with me and we get your product to market.  I look forward to working with you.

    Jeffrey Mangus

Schedule a call with me and let’s see how I can help you get your products to market and a licensing deal!

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