Why A Coach?

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Jeffrey A. Mangus is the owner and CEO of Product Coach USA, a product licensing and coaching company.

Product Licensing Background


My name is Jeffrey A. Mangus and first off, I’m not a slick fast talking salesman. I don’t do business in any way like that. I offer one-on-one coaching/mentorship to inventors, entrepreneurs, business leaders, innovators and anyone with an idea to get their products to market, but also coach my students to be professional product developers and be self-sufficient in the innovation industry. With me, you will learn how to do this all on your own.

I was able to have the pleasure of working One On One with product licensing coach for over a year and it was a truly life-changing experience to be able to have the lessons and accountability to push business further.  Working one on one with a coach and mentor was the key to opening many doors. I loved the experience and it taught me, and during this time, I discovered how rewarding to be able to help inventors get their product to market through One On One Coaching and digging deeper.  This is why I  love to help people as well and I started PRODUCT COACH USA. Welcome!

I would love to work one-on-one with you and be your coach and mentor and truly show you how to be a professional product developer. My goal is simple and that is for you to be able do this on your own, make a great living and see your product on store shelves across the globe!  I know I can steer you through the shark-filled waters of the innovation industry and help you get your product licensed and on the market.

I don’t have any interest in taking anything from your invention. I do not want any part of your royalties, advances, or percentage of your invention. It’s your baby and you deserve all the fruits of your labor. Again, My goal is simple…to teach you and show you how to license your products and get them on the market!  I totally believe I can help you go where you want to go.

I have been an entrepreneur/business owner for over 25 years and have followed that spirit relentlessly leading me to grow two multi-million dollar real estate companies with great success.  My life has changed now as I pursue licensing products full-time and product innovation and development.My inquisitive and creative mind has led me to great success bringing products to life, and the marketplace.

It feels wonderful to follow my dreams and to be able create products and coach fellow inventors about the world of product licensing. I am thrilled to see my students be successful and bring needed products to the world and that the world will hopefully use and love. I want to truly make a difference by providing students with uplifting encouragement, insight, honesty and sincerity about products. I look forward to seeing what is possible with each and every student. I am excited to see you as a student and see you bloom to your full potential. Let me help you bring inventions to market for everyone to enjoy.


As a Product Licensing Coach, my greatest strength is that I can simplify what you would like to accomplish into an easy to implement step-by-step plan. I don’t have to have extensive knowledge in your product or area of expertise because you are the inventor expert. My expertise is knowing the product licensing process and inventing process and how to move people forward, which usually involves overcoming many common obstacles. Let me help you get over the obstacles, steer clear of the sharks and get you where you and your product deserve.

Helping you Bring inventions to market! ON YOUR OWN!


Schedule a call with me and let’s see how I can help you get your products to market and a licensing deal!

Let Product Coach USA help you make your idea happen!